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DA Mmusi oor pres. Zuma

Die volgende is ‘ n uittreksel uit die toespraak wat DA-leier Mmusi Maimane in die Parlement gelewer het die dag na die staatsrede van pres. Jacob Zuma:

“We saw a glimpse of this future on Thursday night, and it looked very much like our painful past. South Africa will never forget what happened on Thursday. And we will never forget the reaction of the man at the centre of it all. The President who stands accused of 783 counts of corruption, fraud, money laundering and racketeering.

The President who built his house – his monument of corruption – on the backs of the poor. The President who is selling our country to foreign agents. We will never forget how he laughed. It was the laugh of an enemy of the people. While the connected few gorge themselves on caviar and champagne, the young people of this country are yet to taste the fruits of freedom.

They are our Lost Generation - nearly six million mainly black young South Africans who can’ t find work.
The lost generation is the half a million mainly black children who disappear from our education system each year.
The lost generation is the three million South Africans under the age of 25 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training.The Quarterly Labour Force Survey released today tells us that a further 340,000 youths have joined the ranks of the unemployed in the past year.

Don’ t be fooled by the language in President Zuma’ s speech. His project, and that of the ANC, is the accumulation of personal wealth. When the President talks about accelerating land reform, what he really means is more dodgy deals for ANC cronies. He’ s talking about narrow-based land deals like the Limpopo farm that Minister Nkwinti lined up for his ANC friends. R130 million rand of public money went to enriching two ANC cronies while 31 farm workers went unpaid and a productive farm fell into disrepair. When the President talks about BEE and the Black Industrialists Programme, what he really means is a scheme to make 100 of his closest friends and family very rich.The President said nothing about the government’ s plans for a trillion Rand nuclear build. We all know the ANC is forging ahead with a nuclear plan that will enrich the President and his friends on a scale of looting not seen in our country before.

President Zuma wants us to believe the MPRDA Bill and proposed State Mining Company will benefit the people. But we all know these are just moves to line ANC cronies up with lucrative mine deals – moves that will scare off investors and threaten thousands of jobs.”

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